Torchys high power bike lights , diving torches, 18650 batteries and chargers.

Ever bought a light and been really disappointed that it didn't live up to the sellers description or makers specification? Me too. Quite a few times. So I decided to do something about it.

After testing more lights than i care to count, testing the best batteries to power them and comparing them to established brands normally costing 3 times as much, I have identified what I consider to be good value lights that will do an excellent job for a reasonable price. Information is standard for all lights giving lux readings at 1 metre (no vague candlepower numbers) and beam angles. All beam photos are taken at the same exposure with no enhancement.

I sell these lights on Ebay, user name: Big_f_d_d so I could be accused of bias. But my guarantee is: if I have made false claims or an item fails to meet expectations - send it straight back.

Batteries and chargers are tested by Sparky whose unbiased assessments have resulted in a number of chargers and batteries being consigned to the bin. Now I sleep much easier.
500 Lumen Torchy BK350

500 Lumen Torchy BK500

2200 Lumen Torchy BK2200

 1000 LumenTorchy Oriole 2x T6

2500 Lumen Torchy Oriole 5x T6

Fluxient U2 Mini

Fluxient Rear Light/Laser 

1300 Lumen Fluxient XM-L2

1900 Lumen Fluxient 4x XP-G2

3000 Lumen Fluxient 3x XM-L U2