NiMh AA batteries

Batteries are tested by constant current discharge at 250mA down to 0.9v.
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Amazon Basics AA 1900mAh (actual capacity 1940mAh)
BTY 3000mAh AA (actual capacity 313mAh)

Coolreall AA 2200mAh (actual capacity 2043mAh)

Duracell Duralock AA 2500mAh (actual capacity 2495mAh)

Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh (actual capacity 2510mAh)

Energizer Extreme AA 2300mAh (actual capacity 2169mAh)

  Ever Active 2500mAh AA (actual capacity 2537mAh)

 GP ReCyko AA 2000mAh (actual capacity 2032mAh)

Kodak AA 1700mAh (actual capacity 1683mAh)

Lloytron Ultra AA 2700mAh (actual capacity 2230mAh)

 Phillips AA 2600mAh (actual capacity 2335mAh)

Soshine AA 2600mAh (actual capacity 2533mAh)

Soshine AA 2700mAh (actual capacity 2574mAh)

Tandy AA 2450mAh (actual capacity 1812mAh)

Uniross AA 2400mAh (actual capacity 2161mAh) 

Varta AA 2100mAh (actual capacity2057mAh)