NiMh D size Batteries

Batteries are tested by constant current discharge at 250mA, 1A, 2.5A and 5A down to 0.9v.
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7Dayshop 4000mAh (Actual capacity 1934mAh)
  Duracell 3000mAh(Actual capacity 2711mAh)
EBL 10000mAh (Actual capacity 7707mAh)
Energizer 2500mAh (Actual capacity 2724mAh)

  Ever Active 10000mAh (Actual capacity 9198mAh)

Floureon 9000mAh (Actual capacity7927mAh)

Infapower 2500mAh (actual capacity 3286mAh)

Lloytron 3000mAh (Actual capacity 4126mAh)

  Maplin 2800mAh (Actual capacity 2942mAh)
Nexus 8000mAh (Actual capacity 4247mAh)
Phillips 3000mAh (Actual capacity 3899mAh)

 ReCyko 5700mAh (Actual capacity  8135mAh)

Soshine 11000mAh (Actual capacity 9339mAh)

Ultracell 11000mAh (actual capacity 4698mAh

Uniross 2600mAh (Actual capacity 3811mAh)

  Vapex 10000mAh (Actual capacity 9537mAh)