Bike light Database

Maybe people just like to boast about how much they spent on their lights, but to me, the major brands are a waste of money. You can buy brighter lights at a fraction of the cost. They are just as reliable, and if you ever need to replace a battery or any other part, they are much cheaper too.

Below are a selection of lights from the top brands, and cheaper alternatives.
To enable direct comparison of brightness, all beam photographs on the road are taken at: 6400 iso, f2.8, 1/8 sec

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Cateye Uno - maximum lux at 1mt: 540


Very weak centre spot.
At around £15, a complete waste of money.

Exposure Flash - maximum lux at 1mt: 210

Very dim beam that spreads wide. 
At around £25 it may be bright enough to be noticed by other road users, but I wouldn't risk it. It doesn't put any light on the road.

Cateye EL135 - maximum lux at 1mt: 1,880


Very dim centre spot.
Save around £20 by not buying this light.

Knog Blinder Arc 1.7 - maximum lux at 1mt: 950

A fairly narrow beam with an even spread of light.
At around £25, it's an excellent commuter light and puts a reasonable amount of light on the road. 

Xeccon CS01 - maximum lux at 1mt: 2,010

A good spread of light with a large central illuminated area.
At around £30, a light that's bright enough to light your way at a half decent speed, and will get you noticed by other road users.

Exposure Spark Mk3 - maximum lux at 1mt:  1,930

Centre spot with no light in the wider areas.
At around £60, you would be entitled to expect more. Ok as a commuter light, but limited for any other use.

Cateye Volt 300 - maximum lux at 1mt: 3,130

A large centre spot with little light in the wider areas.
At around £40, the design looks similar to other brands. But turn it on and it's a big disappointment. Bright enough to be seen by other road users, but not bright enough for unlit roads.

Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL - maximum lux at 1mt: 1650
An even spread of light  across a medium beam.
At around £30, it's bright enough to get you seen by other road users and puts a decent amount of light on the road for such a small light.

Fluxient U2 Mini - maximum lux at 1mt: 3,510

A lwide beam with a large centre spot and an even spread of light in the wider areas.
At around £50, it's a good looking light with performance to match.

Exposure Joystick Mk10 - maximum lux at 1mt: 2,870

Medium beam with fairly even illumination.
At arond £125, Exposure have finally managed to get half decent light output from the Joystick at the 10th attempt. But you can get much better lights for a lot less money.
 Xeccon Striver 600 - maximum lux at 1mt: 4,950
Large centre spot with good illumination across the beam.
At around £40, a light that is bright enough to llow a decent speed on or off road. Illuminated side panels give all round visibility to other road users.

Smart 700 - maximum lux at 1mt: 2,700

An even spread of light with alarge centre spot.
At around £40, Smart finally make a serious light. Plenty of light for road or mtb, and reasonable price.

Moon X Power 780 - maximum lux at 1mt: 5,950

A wide spread of light with a small centre spot. 
At around £100, performance is disappointing, which is unusual for Moon. There are cheaper alternatives that will give out more light.

Lezyne Macro Drive 600XL 900 - maximum lux at 1mt:3250
A large centre spot and even illumination in the wider areas.
At around £40, it's a neat package and puts out a lot of light for the money.
Xeccon Striver 900 - maximum lux at 1mt: 2,790

At around £50, it gives versatility in beam selection, with three brightness levels and separate switches for the wide and spot beams. Illuminated side panels give all round visibility to other road users.
Three beam options: 


Wide + spot

Exposure Axis - maximum lux at 1mt: 2030
Wide spread of light across the beam. 
At around £140, the price is similar to the Joystick, but the beam is much better. 

Fluxient XM-L2 - maximum lux at 1mt: 17,040

Good illumination across the beam with a small very bright spot.
At around £70, the small bright spot throws far ahead while there is plenty of light in the near to mid distance. Ideal for fast road use.

Hope Vision R1 - maximum lux at 1mt: 4,471

A large centre spot with little light in the wider areas.
At around  £100, I would want to add another light to illuminate ahead of my front wheel and in the wider areas.
Xeccon Geinea 1 - maximum lux at 1mt: 4,000

Even spread of light in the near to mid distance with a good size centre spot. 
At around £50, it's so small (27mm diameter) it doesn't look like a serious light, but turn it on and it is really impressive how much light it produces.

Volkslight My Tiny Sun - maximum lux at 1mt: 3,540

At around £130, the design is quirky. The output is impressive. The batteries are removeable, so you can carry spares. You'll either love it or hate it. I love it.
Three beam option:
Wide + spot

Torchy BK Thr33 - maximum lux at 1mt: 5,300

A bright spot with a good level of illumination across the whole beam.
At around £50, it's as bright as you need for fast road use.

Lezyne Deca Drive 900 - maximum lux at 1mt: 3,590
A wide spread of light with a small centre spot. 
At around £100, it produces a decent output for road or mtb.  Lezyne may have to up their game with Cateye finally producing similar lights.

Moon X Power ADJ 1300 - maximum lux at 1mt: 6,450

One flood beam and one spot beam that can be separately angled vertically.
At around £150, this is an impressive light. Tiny size, big output.

Cateye Volt 1200 - maximum lux at 1mt: 7,130

Bright central illumination with not much light in the wide areas. 
At around £120, Cateye have finally produced a decent bike light for serious night riding. 

Torchy BK 6ix - maximum lux at 1mt: 3940

A wide spread, even beam.
At around £50, it gives even illumination in the near to mid distance. More suited to off road.

Fluxient 4x XP-G2 - maximum lux at 1mt: 6,250

A wide even spread of light  witha large bright centre area.
At around £80, the even illumination in the near to mid distance is ideal for off road.

Torchy BK 7even - maximum lux at 1mt: 12,100

Wide beam with very bright centre spot.
At around £80,  it puts as much light as you could need in thye near to mid distance while the spot reaches well into the distance.

Hope Vision R8 - maximum lux at 1mt:20,800

Wide spread of light with brighter centre area.
At around £250, it's as bright as anyone should need. Plenty of light in all areas.

Exposure Six Pack Mk6 - maximum lux at 1mt: 4,710
Medium wide beam with very large bright centre area
At around £350, it puts out a lot of light, as you would expect. The Hope R8 looks better value for the amount of light you get / £.