Fluxient Elite v Specialized Flux Experet

I was wondering how the new £50 Fluxient Elite compares to the £200 Specialized Flux Expert. 


Both have supposed StVZO compliant beams which directs the light forward and down to avoid dazzling other road users. They are pretty much the same size, but I was surprised at how poor the Specialized is at controlling the beam. 

Fluxient Elite                           Specialized Flux Expert

I was also surprised that they were equal on brightness measured at 1mt: Fluxient = 6790 lux, Specialized = 6780 lux. The Specialized produces more light overall, but it doesn't control it much better than a conventional light.

The run times on highest mode show a big difference: Fluxient = 3 hours, Specialized = 1.75 hours.
The Specialized also had a problem over heating and had to be returned for an upgrade.